Other Features

Scalable Software Platform – The key to taking any localized concept and expanding into multiple cities is AUTOMATION and SCALABILITY. Our platform automates many of the tasks required to manage disparate event hosts, seminar leaders, etc. including event posting, payment acceptance, accounting and much much more.

Incredibly Fast Implementation – We can get your platform up and running in mere days!

Critical Documents – Event host contracts, venue agreements, training manuals, various support documents and more will enable you to start adding people and markets to your operation quickly and without spending tons of money on lawyers and other professional services.

Host Recruiting Assistance – While we don’t ultimately do the hiring of your Hosts, we can advise and assist with recruiting hosts in cities across the country to rapidly expand your reach.

Host Training Assistance – Training your hosts in a way that doesn’t take all of your time is essential to rapidly expanding your concept into new cities. We can advise and assist you in creating and automating a Host training system to help you save tons of time in getting your Hosts to where they can start replicating your concept.

Proven Processes and Systems –Having successfully launched numerous concepts that were a local success into national juggernauts, we have the experience and expertise to help you implement proven approaches to taking your idea from 1 city to many cities.

Consulting – From assisting you with the best business model to deployment to how to properly compensate your event hosts, seminar leaders or whoever you refer to your affiliates as, we will help you create a sound structure for taking your concept national.

National Toll Free Vanity Number Acquisition Assistance – We will advise, help and activate a vanity toll free number for you if you desire. This gives you more credibility in the marketplace and better serve your customers as you expand nationally.

Web Site Development or Re-Design Assistance – While most companies already have a Web site that is successful in their local marketplace, these sites often need tweaking or some re-design to accommodate a national footprint. Additionally, many local web sites are not converting their visitors to sales or event notification list subscribers as effectively as they could. And lastly, search engine optimization tactics need to be employed to help get your fair share of traffic in each city you expand into. When needed, we provide assistance in these areas to help build your customer base in new markets.

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations – Generating clients and leads is of course at the core of any business. Event marketing can make or break any concept. If you need assistance we can help ensure you continually generate new customers as passively as possible through proven event marketing tactics, Press Release templates and distribution tactics, Pay Per Click campaigns and more.

Best Practices – Benefit from our Best Practices and our other clients. We continuously aggregate non-proprietary tactics and strategies used by our own event concepts and those of our fellow clients all to benefit. Additionally, regularly scheduled “Client Best Practices” conference calls are included and allow you to gain key insights from other businesses who are expanding nationally.