Take It National Software

Take It National is a turn-key solution that is both your website and your back office management solution

Product Features

Take It National software supports the following features:

  • A full customer website
  • Creating Pay or RSVP Events
  • Run Many Events in Many Cities
  • The Ability To Create Many Types of Events
  • The Ability To Run Singles Events
  • The Ability To Run External Events
  • The Ability To Register People For Online Webinars
  • Waitlists & Setting An Event Person Limit
  • Advanced Pre-Pay Options
  • Advanced Deadline Options
  • Create, Maintain & Reuse Venue Information
  • Geographical Management Tools such as city, state, region or metro management
  • Email List Segmentation
  • Email Automation
  • User Role Management (create different system user level)
  • Manages Recruitment, Hiring of Local Hosts
  • Reporting, Payroll & Other Options
  • Dashboards
  • Membership Area For Customers