Is Your Local Presence Excellent?

Take It National has uniquely been built to allow you to create your own unique type of geographical areas. You can give these territories a description that is familiar to your business. For instance you can call your geography regions, zones, territories, districts, chapters, cities, states, Metros, colleges, or whatever you use in your organization.

No Boundaries

Not being tied to zip codes, country codes, state or any boundaries you can determine how your business functions by geography. This allows maximum flexibility as you grow. A good example would be South Florida Region and North Florida Region. You grow and now you can split and have Tampa Region, Miami Region, North Florida. You can further split and have Miami Dade Region, Broward Region and Palm Beach Region.

Metros and Combos

If you have close, bordering regions, you can combine them again into Metros. This way you territories can be contiguous and display each other events or association information and display additional groupings of regions on your website, like a South Florida Region.