Are Your Customers Satisfied?

The Yin and Yang of Take It National is the pull between a national presence and a local presence. Many organizations that want to function in many markets but have a form of a local presence need to both have a main “central” home page and local/regional pages. Maintaining the balance of being a national firm and at the same time claiming to be LOCAL can be critical to your business model!

Going National

The reason you typically want a singular Domain Name or national name and single website for customers, in a franchise or multiple city event company, is for the strength of the brand and the strength of getting great results in a Google search. The home page on this single domain name can easily help people find their way to the local markets. But the same reasons for a single presence are counter-balanced with a local presence.

Why Go Local

The value of “localizing” your organization has many important purposes. One is Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The company our system is modeled on, Pre-dating Speed Dating, needed to have a national web site and a good local page per market. This local page per market needed to have both contact information for the local representative (in this case a coordinator) and a way to get on the list for just that market!