Are You National?

Take It National (TIN)  is a Web based solution that combines Your People, Your Markets and Your Events.  It just happens that Take It National can be used for many organizations or businesses regardless of whether they run events.   TIN is a powerful Web based tool that manages the customer life-cycle as well as your business life-cycle.

The Customer Life Cycle

First off, if your events or organization is in many cities, you need to gather their contact info, such as email, by market.  You should also be acquiring a customer’s interests.  That’s why Take It National has a built in segment builder, which allows you customer to easily tell you what they are interested in when signing up.  When it is time to convert your lists into payees or attendees, you need a well segmented list, that can target specific customers by market. When the customer converts, the process of communicating to them by market and segment can start over again.

The Business Life Cycle

A unique aspect of Take It National is the ability to easily grow your organization or business, once your account is set up.  Take It National has been built to easily recruit people “Per Market”, easily add new Markets and easily assign your “new” people to these Markets.  This makes building out a national company into an event network or franchise system easy to manage and grow!