Are Your Events Filled?

Take It National is a unique solution, originally built for the speed dating business, which has features and structure similar to a CRM. If you look at the customer life-cycle, it is important to start as early as possible with customer interaction and finding out what customers are interested in.

Start Touch Points Early On!

By collecting customer information in a database and emailing them long in advance of an event, you are creating a relationship with this customer. A lot of conferences, seminar providers and even online event providers often miss the boat on customer communications. It is also important to get some idea of what people are interested in. That is why Take It National simply asks them, when they fill out a form and get on the list.

Standard Business Practice

Much of what Take It National recommends is not rocket science. Asking for an email address on most web site pages, asking customers what they prefer, and other techniques are part of good business practice. So are using processes like “hurry 3 spots left”, a common method used by in order to let people know they “should” sign up as soon as possible. These small cues and psychological factors are really important in converting customers on the fence.