Take It National™ is a software system combined with processes, policies, procedures and best practices for taking most any local event concept and quickly and inexpensively launching it into a full-fledged national business.

It is a combination of software, documents, tools and consulting to assist anyone who has a successful local event, workshop, expo, etc. and “Take It National” into other cities across the country very rapidly and inexpensively.

In order to successfully expand into new cities and SUSTAIN that presence, it’s critical to:

First, have a scalable software platform and processes to recruit, evaluate, accept and train new affiliates (event hosts, instructors or whatever you choose to call your field agents). And,

Second, to minimize the time and effort of your Event Hosts to conduct their local operations in every way possible.

Our services do just that. From automating event management functions to generating new leads for your business and Event Hosts in each city, our unique ability to help companies expand their market without expanding their cost structure or staff is why businesses choose Take It National™.


Let’s say you have created a successful event concept that generates $1,500 a month on a local level. Obviously, not enough for you to live comfortably…but it’s successful and profitable. Once it is REPLICATABLE, you can now start teaching others how to do what you do. With the help of Take It National™ you can start taking on new event hosts in other cities where, through the concept of MULTIPLICATION, you can generate substantially more revenue!

For example, let’s say after expenses and splitting revenue with your local affiliate (event host, seminar leader, etc.), you net $400 per month. Let’s further say that within 6 months you expand into 30 cities, most of which are major markets. Keep in mind there are 250 MSA’s (Metropolitan Statistical Areas), many of which are viable markets for many concepts. So 30 cities is a fraction of the potential national market. With 30 cities, throwing off $400 to you after all your expenses, that’s $144,000 a year in additional revenue. What if they threw off $800 instead? What if you got into 50 markets instead of 30? See where this is going?


Each concept is different due to what services you need or don’t need. But our basic service is a very affordable monthly fee plus a one-time initial setup fee that can vary from project to project. So taking your idea national doesn’t have to cost tens of thousands of dollars and years of time to build the software, to create the systems, policies, procedures, training materials, packaging, etc. With Take It National™ you can literally be expanding into new cities in less than a couple of weeks at an amazingly affordable investment.


Contact us for a FREE initial consultation and we can explore the viability of taking your concept national!