National Distributors

Because Take It National is built on the concept of integrating People, Geography and Event Information, we are able to bring some unusual technology for companies that are national distributors of products or services. The reason why we are different than your typical CRM package is Take It National is partly a back-end office solution.

Local Representatives

One area that Take It National excels in, is allowing organizations to manage tons of local representatives through a centralized solution. In your business life cyle, it may be important to keep adding people at the local level. There is a recruiting module built into Take It National as well as a local presence on a website. Depending on the business, these tools may be extremely useful for managing local people.

Geography Redefined

A simple application feature of Take It National makes it possible to both name your markets the way you want. They can be called Areas, Zones, Districts, Territories, Regions, Markets, Cities, Metros or whatever you desire to meet your organization needs. These Markets can then be defined as you see it. For instance one client of Take It National has just 4 national districts, while another client may have 50 Regions. There are not set boundaries. You can combine counties, states, cities and define the territories the way YOU do business. Just this feature alone may make Take It National worth looking as you try to manage your internal contact list of staff.

Roles & Responsibilities

In addition to redefined geography, you can use Take It National to create any Title and Role you need for the application. In other words you can create a role for a local person who just delivers “Delivery Man” or you can create a roll for a local “Advertising Manager”. It is up to you. This can be important in managing large organizations.