Conferences & Trade Shows

If you run a Conference or Trade Show and run this show in many cities around the US or globally, then Take It National will be a great tool to consider. Why? Because Take It National has included many CRM types of features there many opportunities to increase the number of attendees at these conferences and trade shows by just having simple tools in place. Just having the contact information and event information in one system is a big improvement. That is why the integrated method behind Take It National makes sense.

What About Your Future Attendee?

A good example of an important task handled by Take It National is collecting contact information and email addresses by market. Not only can you collect this information, but you can segment the information by interest and let the people signing up specify which market they are interested in and what actually things they are interested in doing at the conference or trade show. Starting the contact point with a potential attendee long in advance of the registration process is an important part of managing your customer early on.

Repeat Events & Not Having To Start Over

Another critical part of Take It National is the ability for a multi-market conference or trade show to be easily able to copy and manage the information about one trade show and position it for another city. Reuse of event information (not repeat event information) is a critical part of Take It National. Another important part of running events over and over and in multiple markets is the ability to easily get to the customer information after the event has passed for a following up.


Some Trade Shows and Conferences may be interested in using our ecommerce feature to sell a product or service on checkout while people are registering. This, along with a ton of other features are worth taking a look at.