About Us

Take It National is located in sun shiny Boca Raton, Florida. The company consists of a group of software developers and event experts, who have come together to create an amazing turn-key solution for running a national event company.

Our Experience

Unlike many other software businesses, we started out as an event company. Just like you, we needed a way to take our successful local event concept and expand into additional cities. Without any off the shelf software available in the marketplace, we had to create it ourselves.

We originally started this journey in the speed dating business in 2001. Our software supported and grew our business from one city (Fort Lauderdale) into over 75 cities in the US in less than 2 years. With that success, we took another event concept into 25+ cities. We then decided to take the core aspects of our software, and make it work for any event concept.

Currently, we have several of our own event concepts that are using the Take It National platform to expand into disparate cities as well as a number of external event companies who recognize that they need more than just software, they need a comprehensive solution that makes financial sense and minimizes the need for internal staff.

Because we are our own customer, we understand the ins and outs of what it takes to make an event successful. This experience helps us better understand exactly what you need to take your concept and branch out into many, many other cities.

So the bottom line is that not only do you get a robust, scalable software platform, you also get constant updates and new features and modules without having to pay a programmer. Simply put in your request for a new feature and we create it for all our customers to benefit from. Additionally, you get the documents, the policies, procedures, the best practices and more that go far beyond simple software (or in our case, complex software!). It’s these “business things” and the “marketing things” that help you to transform your local concept into something that can indeed go national.

Where you will go with us

You will get to leverage our knowledge, skills and most importantly experience in doing what you plan to do to help make your local event driven business into one that can span the country. When you integrate our system with your business, you accelerate your expansion and revenue potential. We are with you every step of the way…and those steps lead to success!