About Us

About Us

Take It National (TIN) is an Integrated Marketing Solution for organizations which require events and marketing automation to be tightly integrated!

Take It National comes out of the dating event business.  The original technology was developed to make it possible to run over 100 events across a 100 US and Canadian cities on an automated series of web pages per city.  The technology was developed in order to allow the clients to automate all the online marketing and operational activities within this system.  TIN is headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida and serves a variety of customers across the US.  TIN is currently taking on new customers and growing the platform.

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Linda Delucca

Creative Director

Dan Gudema


Craig Henderson

Tech Manager

Francis Fytton

Investor Relations


Take It National (TIN) provides a platform for event planners and marketers that integrates all the online marketing into one space.

Amazingly Good Event Software

There is more to events with TIN than just ticket taking.

Push Notification Drip Marketing

TIN provides a tool set including push notification drip marketing.

Easy To Use

TIN’s goal is having software that is easy to learn and easy to use.

Custom Projects

Depending on the project TIN can work with customers on delivering a custom solution.


TIN is integrated with Infusionsoft as well as Eventbrite, so you can continue with these tools.

SEO Google Local

TIN is an expert system at GEO SEO, Search Engine Optimization.  You don’t need an SEO consultant.

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